You shared the moment, so share the memory.

Cobbl makes it easy to collect, share and display group photos.

Do more with your photos

Cobbl's intuitive features allow you to quickly organize and tag, instantly share, collect and show group photos in one place, Cobbl boards

Cobbl board

Easy to Use

Simple platform design with convenient features


Uploaded photos are automatically tagged


Inappropiate photos are automatically filtered

Privacy Controlled by you

Choose the privacy and sharing controls of each board. Your photos are safe and you control who sees them.

Cobbl provides a more private sharing experience than social platforms.

Collaborative, customized group sharing

Invite groups to post directly to your Cobbl boards.
Customize each person's posting and viewing access.

Displayed anywhere

Display photos and videos on screens, tablets and phones with the Cobbl app. Photos can be viewed as a gallery, cobbl board or rotating slideshow.

"I really like Cobbl. It’s so easy to get images uploaded and I like that it focuses on images rather than all the commenting of “other apps”! I also like the privacy because I have some pictures that a only for trusted eyes."

- Sarah

"Cobbl is cool because it makes keeping and finding all my pictures very easy. I share a board with my grandmother and all her grandkids upload pictures for her so, keeping it private is also important."

- Jamie